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Our typical client is…

  1. You… have accumulated substantial pension or non-pension assets and want to make sure these are invested in the best way possible – perhaps to provide you with a tax efficient and sustainable income, or to provide your family with a legacy.

  2. You… have already taken a transfer value from your employer’s final salary scheme but do not have a level of ongoing service that is good enough. Or – you are not sure that the investments you  currently have in place are sufficiently robust to withstand a correction in world stock markets.

  3. You… are looking to deal with a firm who are small enough to provide you with personal service and innovative ideas – but professional enough to use top quality partners where needed and cutting-edge technology where possible.

“I’ve known Douglas and Elaine at 336FM since I retired over 17 years ago and with their help I have enjoyed a good retirement income and my capital investment has been well managed to help me achieve that. I appreciate their friendly yet professional style. They have a great formula for dealing with clients. They don’t bombard you with too much technical information. When things need to be changed, as they do from time to time, what you get from them is simple and easy to understand. I have great respect for them and their knowledge. I trust them because they do what they say they will and deliver exactly what I need.”


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