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What we do

Your financial plan is one of the biggest assets you own therefore it is vital for us to not only get the balance of your portfolio right in the first instance but also to provide you with an ongoing review that helps you maintain it for the future.

We will take time to ensure our recommended solution is appropriate  for your needs, we will also monitor your plan to make sure that your stay on track to meet your goals.

To ensure your plan stays on track we will take into account not only changes in your personal circumstances but any economic or market changes that happen along the way. Your financial plan is central to planning for your future. There is no second chance – getting one aspect wrong has the potential to destroy your plans for the future.

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What you will get is…

  • A portfolio created to meet your needs using our proprietary investment service

  • Ongoing management of your portfolio to make sure it continues to deliver what you need

  • Proactive advice on tax matters that might affect your investment

  • Ongoing support including a regular review, online access to information.

Client service is a vital part of what we do and who we are.


"I have always appreciated their professionalism and how they have managed my money and look after my future. But the real test of their ability came to the fore last year when I lost my husband. The team stepped in and sorted out my finances and dealt with my husband’s pension provider, who weren’t giving me any information. 336FM made sure I received the widow’s pension I was entitled to. At a time when your world has turned upside down you need to have someone who you can phone and be able to trust them to sort financial matters out for you… that’s what 336FM did for me."



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