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Testimonials: What our clients said about us…


Having talked to other local IFAs I can say that with 336FM I felt I was dealing with a person and that was important, I didn’t want to be just a number.


When I was made redundant, they supported me, it could have been a minefield, but I trusted them more than I trusted myself. I have experienced periods without work, several jobs involving other pension schemes and the advice they have given me along the way has been spot on. I have always felt they are dealing with your money and life circumstances with your best interests in mind. They are good listeners.



After having a major health scare, I had no idea what I wanted to do, even whether I would have to go back to work or whether I could retire. The team at 336FM helped me understand my options, which wasn’t easy because I wasn’t able to read or understand information well, but they put together a report for me and my sister, who was helping me. I had an overwhelming sense of relief, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, when they told me ‘you don’t need to go back to work if you don’t want to’. Going forward I feel I have a relationship built on trust and would be happy to do what they advise me.



I have always appreciated their professionalism and how they have managed my money and look after my future. But the real test of their ability came to the fore last year when I lost my husband. The team stepped in and sorted out my finances and dealt with my husband’s pension provider, who weren’t giving me any information, 336FM made sure I received the widow’s pension I was entitled to. At a time when your world has turned upside down you need to have someone who you can phone and be able to trust them to sort financial matters out for you…that’s what 336FM did for me.



When I lost my wife, they never lost sight of me and tailored their advice to me and my family personally.


The breadth of their professional knowledge, how I should think about investing for the future for me and my family, is excellent.



I had approached a couple of other IFAs before meeting 336 FM and my experience hadn’t been great. I wanted to understand the best approach for dealing with my deferred defined benefit pensions. Having chatted with them I felt their approach was refreshing, informal and gave me a good feeling about any future potential relationship. They took the time to ask what I needed and gave me a much better understanding of what I could expect when I retired. Their interest in me personally was so much better than any other adviser I had talked to previously.



My partner and I wanted to move to a new house and we had seen a property we liked but we didn’t want to sell our flat at that time. 336FM helped us work out options to allow us to give the lawyers and the seller the assurances they needed to reserve the new property for us. It was all turned around very quickly and efficiently by 336FM on our behalf. This was not something I would have thought an IFA would be able to help with – I was really impressed.



I consider myself to be well informed about the financial services industry, working in the technology side of the business, and I can happily say I have been very impressed by 336FM. Their professionalism is very obvious, they have come up with an innovative plan to deal with drawdown as well as having the foresight to partner with a very good investment management group, Square Mile. 


They are very qualified to give advice, they are professional people who are constantly looking to the future to offer their clients the best advice. One of the senior people I worked with in the industry referred to Douglas as the ‘Adviser to the stars’. Being a golfer, I see him as the Butch Harmen of financial advice. 



When I asked the Personnel Director about my pension scheme and what my options were, he really had no idea beyond the company’s pension plan rules. That’s where 336FM stepped in and advised me, and my wife, what to do for the best. 


Since then, whether it is getting access to our cash or needing written information, they have been prompt, providing the best sources of information and making me feel very comfortable. I trust them and their approach.


Their success as a business is generally unheralded. We wanted to go on an around the world cruise and we had no idea how to fund it, where we would draw the money from. The guys at 336FM sorted it out and made it very easy and straightforward. 


Please note:

Rates of tax and the legislation that governs them are subject to change, and this information was only accurate at the time of writing.

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