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Our services in detail:

If you are looking for a personalised tax and general financial plan we can help with:

  • Creating a tax efficient portfolio aligned to the level of investment risk you are willing or able to take

  • Using all the tax efficient product wrappers available to you

  • Maximising annual tax allowances such as capital gains tax

  • Planning for inheritance tax

  • Inter spouse tax planning

  • Family wealth transfer.

If you are looking for a defined retirement plan we can help with:

  • Creating a sustainable income pattern

  • Cash flow modelling to show you how your future income position might look

  • Making use of all tax reliefs to make your income as tax efficient as possible.

​You may already be making use of pensions freedoms and be looking for some guidance on a sustainable income strategy – we have proven expertise in this area.


Our centrally managed portfolios are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. We will listen and respond you your needs, aims and objectives.


We will produce a personalised tax and financial plan for you which we will invite you to review with us.

Our service helps you engage with your finances – using technology underpinned with a human touch.


The use of technology allows us to identify when intervention may be needed in your portfolio and allows us to be proactive in future proofing your portfolios. Where possible, you will have on line access to view your portfolio and allow you to interact with your portfolio.

Our aim is to put you at the centre of everything we do by ensuring we are there to provide you with ongoing advice and for those times when you need us most.

We will always be completely transparent in our dealings with you. 


At 336 Financial Management we prioritise service and we will make sure than you can rely on us.

Heading 6


"When I asked the Personnel Director about my pension scheme and what my options were, he really had no idea beyond the company’s pension plan rules. That’s where 336FM stepped in and advised me, and my wife, what to do for the best. 

Since then, whether it is getting access to our cash or needing written information, they have been prompt, providing the best sources of information and making me feel very comfortable. I trust them and their approach."


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